2017 Design Trends – Fun, Dramatic and Inspiring

As each new year approaches, it’s always fun to anticipate what the next new fashion trends will be, what amenities the newest models of cars will offer, and which home-decorating ideas will come into play.  For 2017, when it comes to interior design, a new emergence of some beloved classics will be noticed as well as the continued involvement of philanthropic endeavors that contribute to the home décor scene.


A few insightful interior-design professionals reveal some of the top trends that will make powerful statements in 2017, according to the January issue of Sunset Magazine:  Brian Paquette – a Seattle-based interior designer, Cecily Mendell – a San Francisco designer, Ashley Redmond of the online design service, ‘Decorist’, and Julie Carlson – editor of ‘Remodelista’.


The Hunter-Green Comeback


On the green spectrum, Hunter green is rich, bold and eye-catching!  This magnificent hue experienced its zenith during the 1990’s when Hunter green, Navy blue and Crimson were the colors of choice, especially, for carpet.  For 2017, Hunter green is expected to be a dynamic color option for a vast array of items including weathered buffets and bedroom furniture, stoneware, linens, throw rugs, accent walls, and more.


Upholstered couches and chairs that will be dynamically dark should be partnered with neutrals within the same room that will offer a soothing contrast: tan, cream or marigold throw pillows, lighter-colored wood flooring as well as golden elements embedded in area rugs.  Also, allowing plenty of natural light to flood into a room with Hunter-green walls is paramount to keep the room’s feel light, lively and uplifting.


From Kelly green to Kiwi green to Hunter green – greens will be seen, in 2017!


Philanthropic Home Goods


Ethical home décor is synonymous with home goods that are crafted with philanthropic roots and qualify as fair-trade products.  Philanthropic organizations, within the US, help to meet the basic needs of families in impoverished regions of the world.  An ever-increasing number of these philanthropic-based companies are expanding their horizons by offering furniture pieces and home accents to American consumers, via, partnerships with artisan-based companies around the globe.  Take, for example, wall décor crafted by single mothers in Kenya and Rwanda.  These talented, dedicated women become empowered through the sale of their hand-made home goods; and, in turn, can continue to rise above the poverty level and better meet the needs of their extended families.


By purchasing fair-trade, or ethically-made items, one becomes immersed in opportunities to support businesses that promote fair-trade practices.  These practices are designed to promote sustainable wages as well as ensure safe working conditions.


Bold Flatware


Flatware for 2017 will be shoving boredom aside thanks to ornate, jewel-toned handles that will be taking center stage during 2017.  Additionally, flatware handles made of polished or carved stone are cool contenders for adding excitement to the dinner table.  Simulated gems will make a bold, beautiful statement for any set of flatware; and genuine crystal is expected to adorn handles as well, offering the ultimate in style and class!  Very-privileged households from the past 200 years utilized flatware with mother-of-pearl handles; and this vintage look will be making a come back during 2017.  Some of these ornate pieces of flatware are so lovely, they are labeled as ‘kitchen jewelry’ and, rightfully, so.


Stone handles come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Natural jade green is striking; and natural tiger-eye and natural tree-agate stone are beautifully unique.  Stone handles are polished to an ultra-smooth finish or hand-carved with intricate designs and would qualify as coveted heirloom pieces.


Stained Glass


Stained glass for interior-decorating purposes had its hey-day in the 1970’s; and this beautiful art-form is coming back in all its glory!  Exquisite craftsmanship and brilliant detailing define stained glass ornamentation for the home – lamps, window panels, room dividers and even coaster sets are being embellished with stained glass to provide splashes of color and dynamics to any room.


Stained-glass window panels hung in front of a window allow the natural light to turn into radiant streams of color, creating an almost Heavenly illumination.  One specific look for 2017 will center around stained glass pieces embedded in weathered frames to be used for wall ornamentation – exuding a feel of country charm or old-world ambiance.


Imagine stained-glass that displays:


*** a flock of colorful birds sitting on a metal bar

*** a half-moon design with the stained glass simulating the beautifully-spread feathers of a peacock

*** a Tiffany-style Victorian window panel, circular in shape

*** two cats sitting side-by-side in a bed of colorful flowers

*** a stunning butterfly with outstretched wings in blues, oranges, yellows and greens


The themes to be included in stained-glass, remain endless!


Informal Dining Rooms Take on a More Relaxed Ambiance


Families today are real and unpretentious; and reserving a single room for isolated, special occasions is becoming passe`.  The ceremonial feel of formal dining rooms is being replaced with a more-casual tone where life that ‘just happens’ can happen in the dining room, as well – multifunctionality is the name of the game.  Whether it is where grand-children can do art projects or whether it is where a simple brunch can be enjoyed by close friends, the emotional dynamics of today’s dining rooms are replacing the feeling of restriction with a feeling of relaxation.


Furniture for this area of the home is, now, abundantly more casual and versatile where dining tables might accommodate chairs on one side and a long bench on the other.  Additionally, other non-traditional seating includes smaller, overstuffed chairs in corners.  It’s all about creating a warmer, cozier space to be relished any day of the year!


Dark-Walls as Focal Points


Darkly-colored walls are the perfect way to add a dynamic focal point for any room in one’s home; and dark gray variations are a big player for 2017.  Though stunning and dramatic, a dark charcoal-gray wall must be paired with lighter-colored accents to ensure the heaviness of the color doesn’t become overpowering.  Baseboards, crown molding, cabinetry and other wood accents painted with white or creams is paramount to ensure the room exudes a warm, welcoming tone.  In fact, much-lighter colored, upholstered seating pieces, vibrant area rugs with hues of yellow, gold and cream as well as colorful throw pillows will only serve to amplify the wall color’s impact without allowing it to become overbearing.


Nathan Carlisle Homes Design Studio Welcomes You


One of the most enjoyable aspects of building a new home with Nathan Carlisle is having the option to choose, and become immersed in, the colors, textures, patterns and designs of wood flooring, carpet, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, counter-tops and more!


Regardless of whether one’s interior design style is eclectic, traditional, contemporary or rustic, our design team is passionate about presenting sample options that will emphasize and reflect every new home-owner’s personality and lifestyle.  Absolutely stunning living spaces are created within Nathan Carlisle Homes’ spacious display floor in Coppell, Texas.  When you are ready to meet with one of our team members, just give us a call at:  817-796-1037.  We encourage appointments to ensure our design team can provide you with undivided attention.  We are ready when you are!

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