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Best Selling Communities in TX


Nathan Carlisle Homes 1st Active Adult Community Receives Top Accolades

Retirement is a wonderful thing for so many Baby Boomers; and as one saying goes: “You retire from work, but not from life”.  Enjoying the relaxation of putting one's feet up, literally and figuratively speaking, and shifting gears to, finally, do what one wants to do is a long-term goal, now realized.

Retirement life in the Lone Star State is anything but boring; and there are a multitude of active adult communities that dot the Texas landscape; but one active-adult community, in particular, stands out:  Isabella Village at Savannah – a setting that offers everyone, 55 and over, what he or she could, possibly, imagine or desire.

Isabella Village at Savannah – Aubrey, TX

Isabella Village is located within the master-planned community of Savannah, and is Nathan Carlisle's first active-adult community in the Lone Star State.  It should not come as a huge surprise that this oasis, in its own right, is winning rave reviews as one of the most-coveted active-adult communities in Texas!  In fact, Isabella Village was recently awarded one of the Top 10 best Active Adult Communities within the state of Texas.  “This is a fantastic honor and really no surprise to us.  The residents within Isabella Village are truly fantastic and they have embraced the active adult lifestyle to the fullest extent,” stated Richard Dix, CEO of Nathan Carlisle Homes.

Nathan Carlisle Homes is excited that its first active adult community was such a huge success.  “Isabella Village gave Nathan Carlisle Homes the chance to see what is really important to today’s active adult buyers.  We are excited to take what we have learned, take what has been so successful in the past, and expand upon it for our future Nathan Carlisle Communities,” says Rich Rodriguez, President of Nathan Carlisle Homes.

Although Isabella Village at Savannah is sold out and the model homes are now occupied by residents, Nathan Carlisle Homes looks forward to each of its new communities being as successful as Isabella Village at Savannah was.  At Nathan Carlisle Homes, Living Life Loving Life is so much more than a tagline, it is a way of life!

Yes, retirement is a beautiful thing; and a few humorous quips, here, would be appropriate:

***  Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing – Oliver Wendell Holmes
*** The trouble with retirement is, you never get a day off– Abe Lemons

***  When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income – Chi Chi Rodriguez 

***  Age is an issue of mind over matter – if you don't mind, it doesn't matter – Mark Twain