Open-Floor Plans are Popular Among Home Buyers

Homes that utilize fewer walls are extremely appealing to home-buyers desiring to break away from traditional layouts that incorporate numerous walls, resulting in smaller rooms.  Compartmentalized spaces have given way to more connected living which translates into spacious, flowing open-floor plans.

With open-floor plans, certain rooms remain private, of course, such as bathrooms, bedrooms and dedicated home offices; but it’s the ‘great room’ in open-floor plans that incorporates the living room with the kitchen and dining area into a virtually, uninterrupted visual flow.  This openness generates a much more interactive living environment; and it’s what home buyers want, for a variety of reasons.


Optimized Social Interaction

You could say that open-floor plans are family-focused.  Due to the absence of unnecessary walls, family members become more connected.  If someone is preparing a meal in the kitchen, he or she can monitor younger children or communicate with other family members in the living room, all at the same time.  It’s all about generating greater cohesiveness on a more personal level.

When guests might arrive, open-floor plans offer the ideal setting for relaxed entertaining and informal gatherings – group interaction is enhanced since everyone is in the same general vicinity.  Unarguably, open-floor plans bring people together, by default!  Architect, Christopher Pattey, of the Becker Morgan Group in Dover, Delaware states, “Open-floor plans are one of the most popular requests among home-buyers.  It prompts togetherness and signals a more modern lifestyle.”


Living Larger

In smaller homes, especially, too many walls make rooms not only feel smaller, they are smaller!  Whether a home is smaller or larger, however, the elimination of confining walls is psychologically ‘freeing’ since the end result is an airy, spacious ambiance that is not only seen, but felt.

Imagine a kitchen with a fireplace close by in the open living room and great views from a big window that provides lots of natural light – all part of an open plan where having space includes more than just the kitchen and its cabinets.  It all boils down to having more space in one’s home to live in and enjoy!


Natural Lighting That Does More than Illuminate

It is a scientific fact that exposure to natural light has a positive and measurable impact on our moods and dispositions.  With open-floor plans, sunlight from the main living area can optimally infiltrate more areas of the home since there are no walls to encumber the flow of the light.  Home designs that encourage maximized natural light result in reduced stress, improved emotional health, increased productivity and a boosting of moods – this, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

Most home-owners, however, are simply drawn to natural light as a means of illuminating the living space which, in itself, is a nice perk!  Natural light is associated with the appearance of more spaciousness and helps to create a more comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing dwelling – just one more benefit of open-floor plans!

Brandon Jones

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