Customer Testimonials


"Isabella Village is a happy place within the bounds of resort style living in Savannah. It has all the amenities you could ask for. What I like about it is you can be as active or private as you want. A quiet evening to yourself can be had in the confines of your own backyard. Many residents have turned theirs into relaxing retreats with patio extensions, pergolas or deck coverings. "Active" on the other hand runs the gamut from impromptu front porch parties in your shorts and T-shirts to our annual Snow Ball--a Christmas time gathering which includes dressing up and dancing in our beautiful new club house appropriately named Club Isabella. There is truly something for everyone and many wonderful people to share the fun with you."
- Karla Walker (Our First Nathan Carlisle Homeowner)
"We have been happily ensconced in Isabella Village since April 2012. We had been in a 25 year old home in Arlington for about 10 years and the biggest change has been the energy efficiency of our Nathan Carlisle home. The Savannah amenities are well-managed and well-maintained. Despite the rural ambience, we have found that we are close to some of the greatest attractions in North Central Texas. We have a great group of neighbors and we are enjoying our stay immensely."
- George & Joan Reilly
"I watch HGTV all the time and wanted to have a beautiful home as is seen on the program. I have just that in my "Augusta" home built by Nathan Carlisle. The quality of the home is super and is very well built. The 55 and over active adult community is just what I was looking for and the neighbors here must have been handpicked. I had looked at other similar communities and they just did not compare. These houses have so much more to offer, tall ceilings, beautiful cabinets, great granite, and gorgeous wood floors to name just a few things that were important to me. Thank you Nathan Carlisle!!!"
- Cathy Cain
"Over a year ago I planned to move to TX and began my search for a place to live. I toured other active adult communities and nearly settled on a home at one before I discovered the wonderful community of Savannah. It offered so much more than the others and at far less expense! I was so pleased working with the building team especially since I lived in CA at the time...they made the process so easy for me. From the day I moved in, I have been thrilled with not only my sweet home but have met so many wonderful neighbors. We all share a common enjoy and maintain our great community! I am so thankful I found Savannah!"
- Joan Sladek
"We have lived in Isabella Village since February 2013. We are really enjoying our house, especially the energy savings we've experienced because of its energy efficient construction. One of the things we like is the friendly neighborhood. We've met new friends and established friendships that will be lifelong. Living here brings back memories of a simpler time because people actually sit on their front porches and visit. There are lots of opportunities for fun - game days, monthly luncheons, holiday's celebrations such as the 4th of July parade and cookout, complete with an awesome fireworks display and for Christmas, the Snow Ball for all residents of Isabella Village. All in all, Isabella Village is a great place to live!"
- Jack Norris
"We love our home and the features we were able to choose, but the people definitely make your home a special place. The southern front porch living invites friends and neighbors a place to visit and enjoy casual conversation, food, drinks and beautiful sunsets. We could not have chosen a better place with more friendly caring neighbors. Your neighbors are your new family. Our new clubhouse and pool will offer even more FUN DAYS!! Our location can't be beat for accessibility to shopping, dining, medical care, transportation and other activities. This community enjoys each other and living the "good life"!!!"
- Sandra and Larry Sheehan
"We had been looking to move closer to our daughter's family. Our dream for a retirement home was to have a brick home with a front porch, a small yard to grow flowers. We found more than we ever expected. We found and built a beautiful modern Nathan Carlisle Home with a great floor plan for us, with an energy package at competitive prices. We found Isabella Village; a 55+ Active Adult Community that keeps us busy with fun activities and outings with our peers. Our home was the 7th home built in Isabella Village. We have come to know and love all our new neighbors as we get to know each one personally. We visit each other on our front porches in the evening or walk the neighborhood and stop to chat. We have found a new family. A family that cares and supports each other if there may be someone ill or someone that needs help. This is a great place to live, laugh and enjoy the blessings of life. Love, love, love our home and community."
- Ed & Khaky Jodon
"We have lived in our Nathan Carlisle home for almost a year. The friendships and sense of community in this front porch neighborhood are reminiscent of days gone by. We can't wait for Club Isabella to be completed since the front porch is quickly becoming too small for our evening gatherings. We moved from a much larger home with acerage but we quickly adapted to the efficient home size and front yard maintenance that is provided."
- Linda Lambert
"Thank you for building our most beautiful home in this wonderful community Isabella Village! We are so happy with the help we received from Barbie and all the crew who took great care of our needs. In the words of a wise man - KEEP ON KEEPING ON!"
- Earl "DIVER" and Becky Weaver
"I purchased a beautiful home in Isabella Village in July 2012 and have never looked back. I've had the most wonderful two years here and look forward to many more. I love my home. It's everything I had hoped for and more. The neighborhood is amazing. I was working when I moved here and was downsized last November after nearly 40 years. I really don't think I would have made it through those first few months if I had still been living in Florida. This is because I didn't live in a 55 and older active living community. Isabella Village is ALIVE with caring wonderful people. We have community activities all the time and we have so much in common that I didn't have time to try to figure out how I was going to keep busy."
- Kathy
"We moved into our new house on Dec 20th, 2013 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The entire building process from start to finish was handled in a very professional manner. The sales representative for Nathan Carlisle went out of her way to welcome us to the community from the day we started looking to build here. This included introducing us to our new neighbors, sending daily updates on the building progress, and making sure all our concerns were addressed immediately. We felt like she was a member of the community even though she did not reside here. The community is well maintained and the developer is going to the next level by providing services specifically designed for people our age. The new clubhouse and pool for the exclusive use by Isabella residence will insure we have a comfortable place to meet, have social gatherings, and interact with an ever increasing number of new friends."
- Lynda and LaMont Kennedy