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Homeowner Stories

The quality of my home is super and is very well built. The 55 and over active adult community is just what I was looking for and the neighbors here must have been handpicked. I had looked at other similar communities and they just did not compare. These houses have so much more to offer, tall ceilings, beautiful cabinets, great granite, and gorgeous wood floors to name just a few things that were important to me. Thank you Nathan Carlisle!!!

This community is perfect.In fact, now, sometimes we even have to say, “no, we can’t babysit, because we have plans”. That’s what’s so great about it. There’s activities every day, there’s as much as you wanna do, or as little.

We love our home and the features we were able to choose, but the people definitely make your home a special place. We could not have chosen a better place with more friendly caring neighbors. Your neighbors are your new family. This community enjoys each other and living the "good life"!!!

Everything is within walking distance. And because of that there’s a lot more interaction. People do walk, people do sit on their porch, and people do congregate at the amenity center. So it’s a thing of you're in-touch instead of being shut away in the house.

The people just are so nice, they’re so nice. That’s why I’ll stay, because it’s a great community to live in. I love Nathan Carlisle Homes.

It’s great and we have a lot of fun. It’s amazing how quickly we developed relationships with friends, and some of them have become very good friends in a short time. We do a lot of the activities, we’re just really happy with the whole concept of it.

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