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How We Design Our Homes
Incorporate What You’ve Always Wanted In A Home & Community
Plan Our Included Features

Right-Size with the Right Space

Nathan Carlisle Homes’ floor plans are designed with large open spaces perfect for entertaining new and old friends alike. Featuring flex rooms in each plan design, we give you the freedom to personalize your space to fit your lifestyle. At Nathan Carlisle Homes, we let you decide how the space works best for you within your home showcasing style and function. Down-sizing or “right-sizing” doesn’t mean you have to compromise the livability of your home; with multiple kitchen, master bath, and outdoor living options we let you express who you are.

Comfort is Key

Nathan Carlisle Homes’ has your best interest in mind as our floor plans and features were thoughtfully designed to enhance the comfort of living within your home. Our comfort height upper kitchen cabinets and microwave locations increase the usability of the kitchen space. Lever door handles allow for easy opening and closing of doors, and electrical outlets and light switches are installed at optimal heights for ease of use. At Nathan Carlisle Homes we believe that it’s the small things that make a big difference.

Light Up Your Life

Just imagine walking into your new home and getting an immediate sense of bright open spaces with abundant lighting. Our expansive ceiling heights provide just that; warm and welcoming spaces! Abundant and strategically placed windows allow for plenty of natural light as well as an electrical design consisting of ample lighting to ensure well-lit space.

More Storage Please!

Storage is an often overlooked feature in home design, however, at Nathan Carlisle Homes we’ve made sure to pay close attention to providing sufficient storage space within our floor plans. We know how important it is to hold on to those precious keepsakes so why get rid of them? At Nathan Carlisle Homes we find that functional and attractive storage can also increase the quality of life in your home.

A Breath of Fresh Air

How do you envision the outdoor space of your home? It may be a backyard oasis designed for peace and relaxation, or the ultimate entertainment space to enjoy with your family & friends. At Nathan Carlisle Homes, we know the importance of outdoor living and that’s why we’ve designed outdoor living spaces with privacy fencing, and options that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing and inviting.